We believe that liquid hydrogen will pave the road to a revolution in the hydrogen distribution and mobility market

High energy density, Mobility-focused.
Liquid hydrogen powertrain

We are an eco-friendly mobility gamechanger
with innovative liquid hydrogen technology

Introducing LIBECO E&C

Our Story

30 years ago, while working in marketing for the Commercial Vehicles Division of Hyundai Motors, I witnessed the planning and commercialization of various vehicle models.

As the fourth global industrial revolution took place and technology advanced more rapidly than ever before, I couldn’t help but question why our society and the automobile industry still relied heavily on inefficient internal combustion engines.

This question became the starting point for LIBECO E&C’s venture into liquid hydrogen powertrain.

Our advanced liquid hydrogen technology enables highly efficient performance. With this unique technology as our foundation, LIBECO E&C will pave the road to a carbon-zero and eco-friendly society.
We will be the protagonist for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Yong Seok Kim, CEO

The way we should move forward together

Feb.— Established LIBECO

Nov. — Patented hydrogen fuel cell system by heat vaporization of liquid hydrogen  

Dec — OEM Production & commercialization of the first model

Jan.— Productization of the 2nd model with advanced system

Apr.— PCT hydrogen
fuel cell system application

Jun.— Patented liquid hydrogen filling system 

Jul.— Registered as venture company

Jan.— Commence research to increase efficiency of liquid hydrogen-based fuel cell system

Jul.— Designated as preliminary hydrogen specialized enterprise in the Province of Gyeongsangnamdo

Dec. — Verification Experiment completed

APR.Obtained Hydrogen Specialist Enterprise certification from H2KOREA in South Korea

2024— IR & Fundraising
2024— Pilot car production
2025— Completion of road test & suppelment




2024 ~